Are you adequately insured?

What is insurance?

In a nutshell, when you set up an insurance policy, you pay regular ongoing premiums in the expectation that if something happens to you, you can make a claim and have money there when you need it most. Although you can set up the policies yourself, your policy may not cover you as much as you think, and we all know that insurance companies are notoriously difficult to work with, much less make a claim against!

At TrendLine$ we know the market and we work with you to protect yourself and your family. As your financial adviser, we will fight for your claim and will be alongside you throughout the entire process, so that all those premiums you have paid won't be wasted just because your policy has weak definitions.

How well do you think you could survive through unfortunate circumstances without proper help? Read on to find out what situations we could prepare you for.


Types of Insurance:

Life insurance

Also known as death insurance, it is the most common type of insurance available. It provides a lump sum to your beneficiaries (of your choosing) in the event of your death.

It is used to settle debts, assist with funeral costs, and any other ongoing fees that your family will endure following your passing.


Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) insurance

TPD insurance is a lump sum payment in the event that you become totally and permanently disabled, and are hence unable to work. It can be caused from an illness or injury, and provides you the peace of mind when you are already suffering.


Income Protection insurance

Income Protection insurance provides you with a monthly benefit in the event that you are unable to work, and can cover up to 75% of your regular income. Your greatest asset is your ability to generate an income, and if something happened that left you unable to work for an extended period, how would you provide for yourself?


Trauma insurance

Trauma insurance provides you with a lump sum payment if you become diagnosed with or suffer an ongoing life-threatening illness. It is the main protection against serious medical conditions and illnesses.

Do I need a financial adviser?

The types of insurance listed above can have many options and extras, and depending on your personal circumstances, you may be subject to certain loadings or exclusions. Not to mention the sheer number of retail funds available to you, it becomes bewildering trying to understand the industry and find the policy most suited to you that won't break the bank!

We know the companies and the policies inside out, and we work closely with you to better understand your needs in order to find the best protection possible. We could be the difference between a successful claim and the realisation that you've paid a whole lot of premiums for nothing!

Don't go up against the insurance companies alone, we're here to help!